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Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897 - Celebrated Tuesday 22nd June

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in this village in a most thorough manner. Many of the houses exhibited flags and other decorations. The church bells pealed forth at five o'clock in the morning. At eleven the children were presented with medals, and with their teachers and friends, walked in procession to the Church where the Rector read prayers, including the special collects for the day, afterwards giving a most suitable address. A cricket match in the old style was played between the Married and Single, resulting in victory of the Single by ten runs. Tea sandwiches cakes & c., were provided for the children at three o'clock and a most substantial meat tea was prepared for all the villagers from four to six o'clock. Afterwards, sports were held in Mr Lovett's field and at ten o'clock a really good display of fireworks wound up a most enjoyable and long-to-be-remembered day.