War Memorial in Redmile Church

(North Wall of the Nave)

To the glory of God and in proud and thoughtful remembrance of the men from Redmile who gave their lives in the Great War declared 4th August 1914.

Dec 3
John William Pearson 6th Linc. - H.M.H.S. "Massilla"
July 15
George Algernon Morley 6th Leic. - Somme
July 29 Thomas Goodson Robert 1st Leic. - 10th C.C. Station, France
Sept 18
& Nov 4
Albert Edward Roberts R.F.A. 76th Batty. - Konia
Sept. 26 Albert Pickard Day Royal Montreal Reg.
Oct. 26 Ernest Swain 1/5 Durham L.I.
Jan 11
Walter Lowe Braithwaite 1st S. Staffs - Beaumont Hammel
Jul 9 Charles William Chettle 1st Leic. - Between Loos & Lens
Sept 28 John Charles Newell Northd. Fusiliers - Tincourt
Aug 23
Walter Day 10th Essex - Somme
Sept 29 Walter Marriott 1st Linc. - Gouzecourt
Feb 13
Bertie Benham 2/5 Durham L.I. - Redmile
Feb 22 George Clower 35th Field Ambulance
33rd C.C. Station France
World War
1939 - 1945
Henry John Cooper Signal man, Royal Navy,
31st Jan 1942 on convoy duty

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