Electoral Roll c1923
of church members

This is a compilation of 2 Electoral Rolls (that is church Electoral Rolls, not civil). The lists are both undated but list 1 has been assumed to be the earlier. List 2, has later amendments, some additions and some striking out. All those struck out, as deceased, from list 2 are known to have died in 1923. Our notes to the entries are as follows:-

All address were given as Redmile except those shown.
"struck out" refers to the entry on list 1.
"list 2" indicates a name on list 2 but not on list 1.
"list 2 struck out" indicates a name on list 2 but struck out.
"non-resident" was indicated on the original document.

Surname Christian Names Address Note
Beeby Alice A   struck out
Bellamy Rupert    
Benham William    
Benham Leonard    
Benham Harry    
Benham Ethel   struck out
Benham Lucy    
Benham Kate   struck out back on 2
Benham George   list 2
Braithwate Joseph H. jnr.   list 2
Braitwaite Ethel A    
Burrows W    
Burrows Frederick Cyril The Lilacs struck out
Calcraft Kate E   list 2 struck out
Carlile John Thomas    
Carlile Emma    
Carlisle William Henry The Chestnuts struck out
Chandler Alice    
Chandler W.A.    
Chandler Hedley    
Chandler Marjorie A.   struck out
Clamp Archie   list 2
Clower Thomas William The Lilacs  
Clower Alice    
Clower Mabel Alice    
Clower Thomas William jnr.    
Clower Ethel Mary    
Clower Henry    
Clower Maud Mary    
Coare Mary    
Cousins Edward Henry    
Cousins George William    
Cousins Annie   list 2 deceased
Cousins Daniel   list 2
Cousins Lizzie   list 2
Cox Hilda M    
Cox Hilda M   list 2 struck out
Cox Walter   list 2 struck out
Day Emma Eliza    
Day William    
Flatley F.E.   list 2 struck out
Gash Henry    
Gash Elizabeth    
Gash Elizabeth A.   struck out list 2
Gibson Edward Redmile Station  
Gibson O.M. Redmile Station  
Gibson Ernest W   list 2
Goodband Frederick William    
Goodband Gertrude    
Goodband Ernest    
Goodband Adelaide    
Goodband Violet   list 2
Goulder Richard   list 2
Goulder Annie Mary   list 2
Hattley F.E. Redmile Station  
Hebert-Cooke Ellen   list 2
Hempshall Violet Hilda    
Hemshall Joseph Allen    
Hendry Nellie   list 2
Hill John J.    
Hill Evelyn A    
Hill Eliz. A.    
Hill Winifred M.    
Hill Norman    
Hollingworth Robert C.   struck out
Hollinqworth Martha   struck out
Hourd Chas. C.    
Hutchinson George    
Hutchinson Margaret    
Ide Gertrude   list 2 left village
Kenworthy Richard    
Kenworthy Annie    
Lear Annie    
Lear Ethel Sarah    
Levy Mary Redmile Rectory  
Levy H. Mary Redmile Rectory  
Lilley Alice M.    
Lilley William    
Lonergan E.A. Redmile Station struck out
Lovett Lucy    
Lovett Duffin    
Mabbott John E.    
Mabbott Ann    
Mackley Robert William    
Mackley Kate The Chestnuts  
Mackley Jane    
Mackley Sarah Frances    
Mackley Lillian Maria    
Mackley Sarah Jane    
Mackley James    
Mackley Edgar    
Mackley Gertrude    
Mackley George E.    
Marsh Edward Cyril Gorse Farm, Bottesford struck out
Morley John    
Morley Alice    
Morley William    
Morley John Robert   list 2
Musson Florence Adelaine L.    
Musson Thomas   list 2 deceased
Musson William    
Musson Mary Ann    
Newell Amelia   list 2
Nicholl James    
Nicholl Mary    
Parker Mabel    
Parker John    
Parker Joseph   list 2
Parker Zillah   list 2
Parkinson Stephen Redmile Rectory  
Parkinson Elsie Jean Redmile Rectory  
Parkinson William Redmile Rectory  
Parr George sen.    
Parr Elizabeth A    
Parr George H.    
Parr Florence   list 2
Patchett Walter Edwin    
Patchitt Harriet    
Payne William Henry    
Payne Beatrice Helen   list 2 struck out
Pegg Nathaniel   struck out back on 2
Pegg William   struck out back on 2
Pickard William    
Pickard Clara    
Pickard Jennie   non-resident
Pickard Ivy   list 2
Preston John    
Preston Ann Mary    
Preston Nellie   list 2
Ratcliffe Noah    
Ratcliffe Elizabeth Gwendoline    
Roberts Carver    
Roberts William    
Roberts Annie    
Roberts John T.   list 2
Swain John   list 2 deceased
Swain Mary Jane    
Swain Frederick    
Swain Eliza A.    
Swain Frederick G.    
Swain Laura   list 2
Todd William    
Todd Esther   list 2 struck out
Todd Elizabeth    
Tolladay Charles    
Tolladay Mary Ann    
Tolladay W.E.   struck out
Tolladay Fred   list 2
Tolladay Kate   list 2
Turner Ethel   list 2 left village
Tweed Eleanor    
Tweed Chas. E.    
Tweed Noel S.G.   list 2
Watchorn Benjamin    
Watchorn Edith    
Weston Charles    
Weston Ann   list 2 deceased
Wilkinson George Belvoir Farm, Redmile non-resident
Wilkinson Mary Bennard Belvoir Farm, Redmile non-resident
Wing Cecil    
Wing Annie