Primitive Methodist Chapel

Trustees Appointment 1904

A pro-forma document published by
Rowlings & Butt of Walbrook, London EC,
to which names and details were added.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to segregate the printed and added text in this transcription.

Trustees' Appointment Acts
1850 to 1890
Primitive Methodist Connexion

of the Choice and Appointment of new trustees of the

(a) Primitive Methodist Chapel and premises
(b) situate at Redmile
(c) in the Parish of Redmile
(d) in the County of Leicester
at a meeting duly convened and held for that purpose
(e) in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bottesford, Leicestershire
(f) on the 7th day of March 1904 and which meeting was duly constituted to make the said choice and appointment of New Trustees
(g) William Clement Ball being Chairman
Names and descriptions of all the trustees on the constitution or last appointment of trustees made the 14th day of November 1868

Names Residence and occupation at time of last appointment
Thomas Stevenson Redmile, Leicestershire - Farmer
William Stockwell Redmile, Leicestershire - Farmer
(h) Robert Silverwood Redmile, Leicestershire - Tailor & Grocer
William Cant Redmile, Leicestershire - Cottager
Thomas Stevenson junior Redmile, Leicestershire - Butcher
Thomas Wing Redmile, Leicestershire - Wheelwright
Samuel King Bottesford, Leicestershire - Grocer
Thomas May Bottesford, Leicestershire - Farmer
Thomas Hornbuckle Barkestone, Leicestershire - Cottager
William Knight Barkestone, Leicestershire - Miller
Henry Stockwell Sproxton, Leicestershire - Farmer
The letterss in margin refer to Instructions sent with Memorandum.

Page 2

(j) Names and Descriptions of all Trustees in whom the said Chapel and premises become legally vested
First - Old continuing Trustees.
Names Residence and occupation at time of last appointment
Robert Silverwood Redmile, Leicestershire - assistant Overseer
(k) William Cant Redmile, Leicestershire - Farmer
Samuel King Bottesford, Leicestershire - Retired Grocer
William Knight (Present address or occupation not known)
Second - New Trustees now chosen and appointed.
Names Residence and occupation at time of last appointment
Tom Walter Silverwood Redmile, Leicestershire - Tailor
(l) Edward Parr Redmile, Leicestershire - Coal Merchant
Ebenezer Carr Redmile, Leicestershire - Shoemaker
John Sharp Redmile, Leicestershire - Farm Labourer
William Gregg Redmile, Leicestershire - Sweep
George Wilson Redmile, Leicestershire - Saddler
William Henry Chettle Redmile, Leicestershire - Waggoner
(m) Dated this 7th day of March 1904
(n) Signed sealed and delivered by the said William Clement Ball as Chairman of the said Meeting and in the presence of the said Meeting on the day and year aforesaid in the presence of (p) William Clement Ball

Chairman of the said Meeting

(o) Witness Daniel Cragg, Long Bennington, Lincolnshire - Farmer.
(o) Witness George Wilson Rose May,
Easthorpe, Bottesford, Leicestershire. - Farmer.

Page 3

(q) We the undersigned, inscribe our names on this Deed as new Trustees of the property set forth on the first page thereof, with a full knowledge of the duties and responsibilities attaching to the office, which we hereby accept.
Tom Walter Silverwood, Redmile, Leicestershire - Tailor.

Edward Parr, Redmile, Leicestershire - Coal Merchant.

Ebenezer Carr, Redmile, Leicestershire - Shoemaker.

William Gregg, Redmile, Leicestershire - Sweep. X His mark
Witnessed by the following
William Clement Ball, Bottesford, Leicestershire.
Edward Bellamy, Redmile, Leicestershire.

John Sharp, Redmile, Leicestershire - Labourer.

George Wilson, Redmile, Leicestershire - Saddler.

William Henry Chettle, Redmile, Leicesterhire - Waggoner.

Witnesses to the above signatures

William Clement Ball, Bottesford, Leicesterhire - Primitive Methodist Minister
Edward Bellamy, Redmile, Leicestershire - Labourer.