The Census 1901

Enumerator: Noah Ratcliffe, (headteacher of Redmile school)

“Commencing at Belvoir end of village taking houses both sides of Main Street to canal bridge. Rectory. Houses down Rectory Lane. New Cottages at the back. Houses near to Church. From Silverwoods corner taking houses both sides to gateway leading to Bottesford. Houses on the bank up to the Main Street again. Preston’s house & Mill House. Railway Station, house and cottages. Two farm lodges on this Nottingham Road.”

This transcription is one of a series produced for the Redmile Remembered village archive. It has been produced to assist family historians and others locate specific residents of Redmile at midnight on Sun/Mon. 31/1st March/April 1901.

Where the original was indistinct we have added ? after that information. For further guidance on how the census was enumerated see the introduction to the original books (on microfilm).

While we have exercised the utmost care in the preparation of this transcription we would recommend inspection of the original document on microfilm. Copies are available at Melton Library and the Records Office at Wigston, Leicester

Our thanks are due to the Records Office at Wigston for supplying a paper copy of the census so that this transcription could be made direct to computer in the comfort of our own home.

Linda Brockway May 2002

Name Rel. to head M/S Age Profession E/W/O Work at home Where born
Worley John Head M 64 Manager on farm Worker   Notts Scarrington
Worley Elizabeth Wife M 62?       Notts Orston
Benham Harriet Serv S 15 General servant (domestic)     Middlesex Acton
Mattock Richard Head Wid 81 Retired lampman     Lincs Grantham
Sharpe Mary Head Wid 75 Laundress Own account At home Leics Redmile
Silverwood Robert Head M 71 Assistant overseer (local)     Leics Croxton Kerrial
Silverwood Eliza Wife M 68       Lincs Somerby
Sherwin John Head Wid 80 Joiner, carpenter worker   Leics Redmile
Sherwin Maria Dau S 38 Housekeeper     Leics Redmile
Fisher Edwin Head M 55 Painter, rough? worker   Notts Nottingham
Fisher Elizabeth Wife M 51       Essex White Colne?
Braithwaite Joseph Head M 49 Ironstone mines hewer worker   Leics Barkestone
Braithwaite Mary H Wife M 47       Leics Redmile
Braithwaite John son S 25 Ironstone mines hewer worker   Leics Redmile
Braithwaite Walter G-son   10       Leics Redmile
Braithwaite Frances Dau   6       Leics Redmile
Roberts Eliza Head Wid 52 Receiving outdoor relief     Notts Claypole
Chettle Joseph Head M 63 Ordinary Ag Lab worker   Leics Redmile
Chettle Martha Wife M 61       Lincs Barrowby
Chettle Gertrude M Dau S 19       Leics Redmile
Chettle Chas. Wm. G-son S 14 Newsboy Hawker worker   Leics Redmile
not in habitation              
Bird John Joseph Head M 45 Architects Clerk of works worker   Lincs Pinchbeck
Bird Frances Wife M 45 Grocer & shopkeeper own account At home Leics Redmile
Bird Sarah Jane Dau S 18       Leics Redmile
Bird Philip W K son 14         Leics Redmile
Simpson Jessie M Niece S 28 Grocers assistant worker   Leics Redmile
Coare George R Head S 43 Living on own means     Leics Leicester
Coare Abigail M sister S 50       Leics Quorn
Baxter William Head M 30 Wheelwright own account at home Suffolk Bury St. Edmunds
Baxter Mary E Wife M 29       Lincs Ropsley
Baxter Alfred son   8       Lincs Ropsley
Baxter Grace Dau   6       Lincs Ropsley
Baxter Rose Dau   5       Lincs Ropsley
Baxter Lillian Dau   2       Leics Redmile
Freeman Charles Head M 42 Soldier, Serg. Inst. Volunteers     Northampton, Northants
Freeman Emily Wife M 41       London City
Freeman Norah Dau   12       Burma, British Subject
Freeman Doris Dau   10       Leics Glen Parva
Freeman Elsie Dau   7       Leics Glen Parva
Freeman Emily Dau   5       Leics Glen Parva
Freeman Charles son   3       Leics Glen Parva
Fletcher John Head M 34 Railway platelayer worker   Lincs Long Bennington
Alcock Arthur Head M 75 Retired Butcher     Notts Burton Joyce
Alcock Elizabeth Wife M 59       Notts Cropwell Bishop
Hill John James Head M 40 Farmer Employer   Leics Kirby
Hill Elizabeth A Wife M 38       Leics Kirby
Hill Evelyn A Dau   9       Leics Redmile
Hill Winifred M Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Hill Norman son   1       Leics Redmile
Chandler Mary S-in-law S 20       Leics Kirby
Ward Martha Serv S 19 General servant (domestic)     Leics Bottesford
Bellamy Arthur Serv S 17 Cowman on farm (Ag Lab) worker   Leics Redmile
Osborn Joseph Serv S 16 Cowman on farm (Ag Lab) worker   Lincs Grantham
Patchett Edmund Head M 58 Baker Employer At home Leics Redmile
Patchett Louisa Wife M 57       Lincs Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
Patchett Ernest W son S 23? Undergraduate     Leics Redmile
Patchett George E son S 15 Baker (bread maker) worker at home Leics Redmile
Weston Thomas Head M 69 Ordinary Ag Lab worker   Leics Redmile
Weston Jane Wife M 67       Lincs Long Bennington
Pursglove George S-in-law M 41 Fishmonger own account at home Herts? Widdiah??
Pursglove Jennie E Dau M 30       Leics Barkestone
Pursglove David G-son   8       Lincs Grantham
Pursglove Winifred G-Dau   2       Lincs Sleaford
Bradford Tom M Head M 35 Grocer own account at home Lincs Corby
Bradford Eliza Wife M 38       Lincs Ropsley
Bradford Florence G Dau   6       Leics Redmile
Bradford Blanche M Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Parr Edward Head M 51 Cottager worker at home Leics Redmile
Parr Elizabeth Wife M 54       Notts Nottingham
Parr Edith Dau S 20       Leics Redmile
Parr Albert son   12       Leics Redmile
Day Erasmus Head M 65 Shopkeeper own account at home Leics Redmile
Day Sarah Wife M 62       Lincs South Witham
not in habitation              
Geeson Mary Head Wid 69 Receiving outdoor relief     Notts Aslockton
Swain Frederick Head M 37 Ironstone miner hewer worker   Leics Redmile
Swain Eliza A Wife M 27       Leics Redmile
Swain Emma Dau   8       Leics Redmile
Swain Frederick Son   7       Leics Redmile
Swain Ernest son   5       Leics Redmile
Swain Laura Dau   2       Leics Redmile
Walker Wm. Head S 42 Ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Walker Annie sister S 40       Leics Redmile
Walker Jane sister S 38 Laundress worker   Leics Redmile
Gould Miriam Niece   8       Notts Nottingham
Rimmington John Head Wid 68 Farm labourer worker   Lincs Croxton Kerrial
Rimmington Thomas son S 29 Ironstone labourer (miner) worker   Leics Redmile
Day Albert P Head S 23 Garden labourer worker   Leics Redmile
Monks Eliza Head Wid 48 Charwoman worker   Leics Knipton
Roberts Mabel Dau S 17 Domestic Servant worker   Leics Redmile
Monks Herbert H son   9       Leics Redmile
Hotchin George Head M 37 Carter on farm worker   Leics Redmile
Hotchin Sarah A Wife M 37       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Catherine Dau   10       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Sarah Dau   8       Leics Redmile
Clower John Head Wid 76 Publican and farmer Employer at home  
Smeaton Lucy Serv Wid 53 Housekeeper (domestic)     Nottm Southwell
Chettle Mildred E Serv S 17 General servant (domestic)     Leics Redmile
Sharpe James Head M 43 Ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Sharpe Eleanor Wife M 51       Leics Redmile
Sharpe Kate E Dau   5       Leics Redmile
Monks James Head M 72 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Monks Eliza Wife M 56       Leics Redmile
Monks John T son S 18? ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Miller John Head M 80 Cottager and cowkeeper own account at home Leics Long Clawson
Miller Sarah Wife M 75       Leics Redmile
Taylor Arthur A Head M 29 journeyman baker worker   Hereford Hertford?
Taylor Emily Wife M 28       Gloucester? ???
Taylor Mabel A Dau   7m       Leics Redmile
Woods James H Head M 35 police constable     Leics Swithland
Woods Mary E Wife M 45       Leics Leicester
Woods Catherine W Dau   8       Leics Croxton Kerrial
Patchitt Frances Head Wid 85 Living on own means     Leics Redmile
Patchitt Harriet stepdau S 51       Leics Redmile
Mackley James Head M 44 Joiner worker   Leics Redmile
Mackley Sarah J Wife M 47       Leics Redmile
Mackley Gertrude Dau S 18       Leics Redmile
Mackley Albert son   11       Leics Redmile
Mackley Mabel A dau   7       Leics Redmile
Pearson Thomas Head M 58       Lincs Woolsthorpe
Pearson Elizabeth A Wife M 56       Leics Oadby
Sheppard John Head M 48 Groom in stables worker   Lincs Woolsthorpe
Sheppard Frances M Wife M 40       Lincs Woolsthorpe
Sheppard John Son   8       Lincs Woolsthorpe
Sheppard Frank Son   7       Lincs Woolsthorpe
in occupation              
not inhabited              
Crofts Robert M Head M 69 Plumber and glazier own account at home Leics Redmile
Crofts Mary Wife M 74       Leics Redmile
Crofts George F Son S 34 Railway porter worker   Leics Redmile
not inhabited              
Clarke Maria Head Wid 58 Innkeeper and publican employer at home Leics Castle Donnington
Clarke Annie E stepdau S 20       York Filey
not inhabited              
Bellamy Edward Head M 48 Ordinary Ag. Lab worker   Lincs Walcot
Bellamy Fanny Wife M 44       Leics Redmile
Bellamy George Son S 22 Ordinary Ag. lab worker   Leics Redmile
Bellamy Albert Son S 19 Ordinary Ag. lab worker   Leics Redmile
Bellamy Rupert Son   13 Newsboy, hawker worker   Leics Redmile
Bellamy Ethel Dau   10       Leics Redmile
Silverwood Tom W Head M 39 Tailor, grocer, shopkeeper, postmaster, grocer employer at home Leics Redmile
Silverwood Jessie L Wife M 37       Lincs Bourne
Silverwood Arthur E Son   14 Tailor worker at home Leics Redmile
Silverwood Florence A Dau   13       Leics Redmile
Silverwood Ethel E Dau   11       Leics Redmile
Silverwood Robert C Son   9       Leics Redmile
Silverwood Cecil Son   2       Leics Redmile
Mackley Jennie M A Serv   14 General servant, domestic     Leics Redmile
Mackley William Head S 33 Farmer Employer   Leics Redmile
Mackley Sarah Sister S 35       Leics Redmile
Mackley Lillian sister S 32       Leics Redmile
Mackley Edgar brother S 31 Farm labourer, Ag lab. worker   Leics Redmile
Mackley Robert F brother S 25 Journeyman baker, bread maker worker   Leics Redmile
Mackley Francis brother S 21 Farm labourer, Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Chandler Jasper Head M 38 Farmer Employer   Leics Stoughton
Chandler Alice Wife M 32       Leics Great Dalby
Chandler William A Son   4       Leics Redmile
Chandler Marjorie A Dau   2       Leics Redmile
Chandler Jasper H Son   1       Leics Redmile
Chettle William H Serv S 24 waggoner on farm worker   Leics Redmile
Whate Mabel A Serv S 14 general servant, domestic     Leics Redmile
Holmes Thomas Head M 68 Ordinary Ag. lab worker   Lincs North Stoke
Holmes Elizabeth Wife M 70       Leics Redmile
Ratcliffe Noah Head M 46 Schoolmaster, N School     Staffs Mear Lane
Ratcliffe Elizabeth Wife M 51       Staffs Chesterton
Ratcliffe Maud M Dau S 21 Asst mistress, N school     Brecon Talybont
Ratcliffe Elizabeth G Dau S 17       Leics Redmile
Leigh Mary M-in-law Wid 85 Living on own means     Salop Lilleshall
Tolladay Amelia Head Wid 73       Lincs Hawthorpe
Lawley Mary A Dau M 39 Sick Nurse     Leics Redmile
Tolladay Fred G-Son   15 Joiner, carpenter worker   Leics Redmile
Clipstone Arthur V boarder S 16 Bricklayer worker   Nottingham
Wing Sarah Head Wid 68 Dressmaker own account At home Lincs Leadenham
Wing Betsy Dau S 39 Dressmaker own account At home Lincs Fulbeck
Wilson George Head M 35 Saddle and harness maker Employer At home Leics Long Clawson
Wilson Annie S Wife M 32       Rutland Market Overton
Wilson Mabel A Dau   9       Leics Redmile
Wilson Henry L Son   3       Leics Redmile
Hetling Frederick T Head M 64 Clerk in Holy Orders, C of E     Gloster Bristol
Hetling Ada J Wife M 33       Herts Essenden
Hetling Winifred E Dau   5       London
Hetling Eleanor R Dau   3       London
Hetling Dorothea M Dau   1       London
Fletcher Maria Serv Wid 63 Cook, domestic     Leics Batchworth
Fletcher Louisa Serv S 33 housemaid     Nottm Southwell
Everitt Annie Serv S 15 Nurse, domestic     Leics Redmile
Tolladay Charles Head M 35 Groom in stables worker   Leics Redmile
Tolladay Mary A Wife M 31       Staffs Burton on Trent
Tolladay William E Son   8       Leics Redmile
Tolladay Florence M Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Tolladay Sydney Son   2       Leics Redmile
Musson Thomas Head M 48 Ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Musson Mary A Wife M 58       Notts Willoughby on Wolds
Musson William H Son S 18 Carter on farm (Ag horse) worker   Notts Kinoulton Grange
Mabbott Ann Head Wid 45 Farmer Employer   Leics Redmile
Mabbott John E Son S 22 Farmers Son worker   Leics Redmile
Mabbott Mary B Dau S 22       Leics Redmile
Mabbott Ada L Dau   11       Leics Redmile
Lilly Sarah Head Wid 38 Housemaid (domestic)     Notts Car Colston
Henson Hannah Head Wid 35 Laundress (wash) own account at home Leics Redmile
Henson Cyril Son   6       Notts Tollerton
Henson Gertrude Dau   4       Notts Tollerton
Henson Elsie Dau   2       Notts Cotgrave
Scoffield George W Head M 50 House painter own account   Leics Redmile
Scoffield Agnes Wife M 52 Dressmaker own account at home Leics Redmile
Copley Robert Head M 36 Cottager and ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Stathern
Copley Jane Wife M 36       Nottm Hockley
Copley Edith Dau   8       Leics Redmile
Copley Laura Dau   3       Leics Redmile
Copley Dorothy Dau   2m       Leics Redmile
Drake Elizabeth M-in-law Wid 75       Notts Kinoulton
Cant William Head M 75 Farmer Employer   Leics Barkestone
Cant Mary Wife M 72       Leics Stonton Wyville?
Cant Annie M Dau S 41       Leics Redmile
Musson Edith Serv S 16 General servant (domestic)     Notts Kinoulton
Carr Ebenezer Head M 67 shoemaker (boot maker) own account at home Notts Granby
Carr Mary A Wife M 69       Leics Melton Mowbray
Carr Mary Dau S 32       Leics Redmile
Roberts Thomas Head M 44 Groom (domestic)     Leics Redmile
Roberts Emma Wife M 37       Leics Freeby
Roberts William Son S 15       Leics Redmile
Roberts Albert Son   10       Leics Redmile
Roberts Goodson Son   7       Leics Redmile
Roberts Cecil Son   1       Leics Redmile
Swain John Head M 54 Ordinary Ag. lab. worker   Leics Redmile
Swain Mary S Wife M 45       Leics Redmile
Swain Emma F Dau   10       Leics Redmile
Swain Eliza A Dau   7       Leics Redmile
Monks Rosey M-in-law Wid 78 Receiving outdoor relief     Notts Granby
Pickard William Head M 27 Platelayer worker   Leics Harby
Pickard Clara Wife M 23       Leics Hose
Pickard Charles E Son   4       Leics Hose
Pickard Jane E Dau   1       Leics Redmile
Tinkley Herbert Head M 27 Canal labourer worker   Leics Harby
Tinkley Elizabeth Wife M 21       Notts Cropwell Butler
Tinkley Arthur Son   2       Notts Cropwell Butler
Tinkley Blanche Dau   7m       Leics Redmile
Swain Edward Head M 24 ordinary Ag. lab. worker   Leics Redmile
Swain Alice Wife M 21       Notts Granby
Bullimore Thomas Head M 26 Cowman on farm (Ag Cattle) worker   Lincs Woolsthorpe
Bullimore Eliza Wife M 24       Lincs Great Gonerby
Jones Albert J W stepson   5       Lincs Great Gonerby
Bullimore Reginald C M Son   3       Lincs Woolsthorpe
Scoffield Cecil Head S 47 ordinary Ag. lab. worker   Leics Redmile
Benham William Head M 39 ordinary Ag. lab. worker   Leics Branston
Benham Sarah Wife M 38       Leics Redmile
Benham Harry Son S 16 farm servant with horses worker   London Paddington
Benham Bertie Son   13 farm servant with horses worker   Middlesex Harrow on the Hill
Benham Kate Dau   11       Leics Redmile
Benham Ernest Son   4       Leics Redmile
Benham Albert Son   7       Leics Redmile
Benham Thomas Son   5       Leics Redmile
Benham Annie Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Benham Leonard Son   1       Leics Redmile
Lovitt William Head M 73 cottager & waggonette proprietor own account at home Leics Melton Mowbray
Lovitt Fanny Wife M 67       Leics Muston
Lovitt Florence E G-Dau   6       Nottm Meadow Lane
Topless Mary Wife M 40       Lincs Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
Topless John G stepson M 27 Retired horse dealer (stable) own account   Notts Eastwood
Topless Lettish Stepdau S 24       Notts Eastwood
Gilsthorpe Grace niece   5       Notts Nottingham
Morley John Head M 30 Watchman (Belvoir Castle) worker   Leics Redmile
Morley Alice Wife M 33       Camb Borough Green?
Morley George Son   4       Leics Loughborough
Morley William Son   2       Leics Syston
Morley Mary mother Wid 70       Leics Redmile
Todd Elizabeth Head S 46 Laundress own account at home Lincs Sysonby Grange
Todd William M Son   14 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Todd Esther M Dau   5       Leics Redmile
Jarvis Elizabeth Head Wid 76 Receiving outdoor relief     Lincs Great Hale
Doubleday Rebecca Head Wid 69 Receiving outdoor relief     Suffolk Newmarket
in occupation              
Mackley William Head M 75 General help (Belvoir Castle) worker   Notts Hawton
Mackley Elizabeth Wife M 72       Leics Redmile
Mackley Elizabeth Dau S 38? Teacher National School     Northants Upton Lodge
Clower Thomas W Head M 43 Farmer Employer   Leics Harby
Clower Alice Wife M 50       Leics Redmile
Clower Henry Son S 19 Farmers Son worker   Leics Redmile
Clower Mabel Dau S 18       Leics Redmile
Clower Thomas W Son   16 Farmers Son worker   Leics Redmile
Clower John Son   12 Imbecile     Leics Redmile
Clower George Son   10       Leics Redmile
Gregg William Head M 44 Chimney Sweep own account   Leics Redmile
Gregg Rose H Wife M 46       Lincs Woolsthorpe
Gregg Sarah L Dau S 22       Leics Redmile
Gregg Arthur Son   14 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Gregg Rose H Dau   7       Leics Redmile
Gregg William H G-Son   1       Leics Redmile
Copley Richard W Head Wid 58 Carrier, coal dealer own account at home Leics Redmile
Lovett Mary F Dau M 36 Housekeeper     Leics Redmile
Lovett William S-in-law M 40 Farmers Son worker   Leics Easthorpe
Copley Richard W G-Son S 16 at home     Leics Redmile
Small Charlotte Head Wid 71 Receiving outdoor relief     Lincs Harlaxton
Hotchin Robert Head M 44 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Hotchin Sarah Wife M 34       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Emily Dau   11       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Harold Son   8       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Eliza M Dau   6       Leics Redmile
Hotchin Ruth S Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Hotchin George Son   1y 9m       Leics Redmile
Parr George Head M 40 Ironstone mine hewer (miner) worker   Leics Redmile
Parr Harriet Wife M 40       Notts Colston Bassett
Parr Alice Dau   10       Leics Redmile
Marriott Amos Head M 30 Bricklayer's labourer worker   Leics Knipton
Marriott Ellen Wife M 32       London, London
Marriott George W Son   6       Leics Redmile
Marriott Walter Son   4       Leics Redmile
Marriott Rose L Dau   3       Leics Redmile
Marriott Laura Dau   4m       Leics Redmile
George Mary Head Wid 60 Charwoman     Rutland Thistleton
Maltby William Head M 49 stockman on farm (Ag Cattle) worker   Notts Hickling
Maltby Sarah A Wife M 48       Leics Harby
Maltby Granville Son   16 harness maker worker   Leics Redmile
Maltby Louis Dau   10       Leics Redmile
Maltby George Son   7       Leics Redmile
Swain Betsy Head Wid 66       Leics Croxton Kerrial
Swain Joseph Son S 44 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Swain Tom Son S 36 Ironstone mine hewer worker   Leics Redmile
Swain John Son S 29 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Swain Mary Head Wid 76 Receiving outdoor relief     Leics Redmile
Roberts Edward Head M 72 Carrier & Waggonette proprietor employer at home Leics Redmile
Roberts Sarah Wife M 69       Leics Redmile
Roberts Carver Son S 35 waggonette driver (groom) worker   Leics Redmile
Roberts Harriet F Dau S 29 dressmaker own account at home Leics Redmile
Lears? Ethel S G-Dau   15       Notts Nottingham
Sharpe John Head M 71 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Sharpe Frances Wife M 75       Lincs Long Bennington
Tweed Chas.? Edgar Head M 41 servant indoors (dom.) worker   ?? Newmarket Cambs?
Tweed Eleanor Wife M 45       Herts Watford
Tweed Abel? S G Son   9       Cheshire ????
Tweed Elizabeth N Dau   5       Leics Redmile
Geeson Benjamin Head M 65 Groom and gardener worker   Leics Redmile
Geeson Ann Wife M 66       Leics Bottesford
Everitt William Head M 49 carpenter and joiner worker   Lincs Leadenham
Everitt Amelia Wife M 47       Lincs Marsh Chapel
Everitt Wilfrid Son S 17 Tailor's apprentice worker   Leics Redmile
Everitt Martha Dau   13       Leics Redmile
Everitt Frances Son   8       Leics Redmile
Everitt Catherine Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Scoffield Ann Head Wid 85 Receiving outdoor relief     Notts Trowell
Roberts Mary A Head S 73 Living on own means     Lincs Woolsthorpe
Gregg William Head M 75 Groom, pension     Leics Redmile
Gregg Ellen Wife M 75       Leics Redmile
Roberts William Head M 63 Carpenter own account at home Leics Redmile
Roberts Sarah Wife M 62       Leics Redmile
Roberts Ann F Dau S 22 Dressmaker own account at home Leics Redmile
Parker Francis Head M 64 Retired Gamekeeper     Leics Redmile
Parker Elizabeth Wife M 67       Lincs Barkestone
Parker John Son S 24 Garden labourer, Belvoir Castle worker   Leics Redmile
Schoffield Elizabeth G-Dau S 22       Notts Nottingham
Lovett William Head M 66 Farmer Employer   Notts Owthorpe
Lovett Mary Wife M 67       Leics Easthorpe
Lovett John Son S 39 Farmer's Son worker   Leics Easthorpe
Lovett Duffin Son S 34 Farmer's Son worker   Lincs Swinderby
Lovett Annie A Dau S 32       Lincs Swinderby
Lovett Elizabeth M Dau S 28       Lincs Swinderby
Brudnall William Head Wid 54 Journeyman Blacksmith (deaf) Worker   Leics Goadby Marwood
Brudnall Mary E Dau S 25 Housekeeper     Leics Redmile
Worsley William Head Wid 60 Licensed Hawker own account at home Lincs Barrowby
Weston David Head M 56 coal carrier worker   Leics Redmile
Weston Mary Wife M 56       Lincs Dorrington
Weston Charles Son S 27 general labourer worker   Leics Redmile
Weston Emily Dau S 23       Leics Redmile
Weston Clara Dau S 21       Leics Redmile
Monks Samuel Head Wid 58 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Monks James W Son S 33 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Redmile
Preston James Head M 79 Farmer Employer   Leics Redmile
Preston Ellen Wife M 71       Notts Bingham
Preston John Son M 37 Farmer's Son worker   Leics Redmile
Preston Ann M D-in-law M 27       Leics Plungar
Preston John Wm G-Son   1       Leics Redmile
Osborne Alice servant S 18 General servant, domestic     Lincs Grantham
Carlile Daniel S Head M 42 Corn miller own account at home Leics Redmile
Carlile Edith S Wife M 27       Notts Nottingham
Carlile Elsie K Dau   2       Leics Redmile
Carlile Kate sister S 34       Leics Redmile
Parrish William Head M 54 Railway Station Master worker   Cambs. Steeple Morton
Parrish Fanny Wife M 50       Cambs Steeple Morton
Parrish Mabel Dau S 19 Draper's assistant worker   Herts Harpenden
Parrish William K Son   14 Railway clerk worker   Herts Harpenden
Gibson Edward Head M 30 Foreman platelayer worker   Notts Barnston
Gibson Orpha M Wife M 34       Beds Hanhold?
Gibson Fannie E Dau   11       Notts Barnstone
Gibson Edith A Dau   6       Notts Barnstone
Gibson Florence Dau   4       Leics Redmile
Gibson May Dau   10m       Leics Redmile
Sugars Thomas A Head M 35 Railway signalman worker   Beds Roston?
Sugars Elizabeth A Wife M 30       Leics Cold Muston
Sugars Frances H Dau   13       Lincs Navenby
Cutforth Joseph Head M 39 Railway signalman worker   Lincs Corby
Cutforth Mary Wife M 38       Leics Twyford
Cutforth Herbert Son   12       Leics Harby
Cutforth Cecil Son   8       Leics Redmile
Elliot Herbert boarder S 16 Railway lad porter worker   Leics Harby
Pegg Nathaniel Head M 38 Farmer Employer   Leics Hemmington
Pegg Annie H Wife M 36       Berks. Lanehard?
Pegg Ethel M Dau   13       Leics Belgrave
Pegg William Son   11       Warwick Edgbaston
Pegg Alice A Dau   9       Leics Great Easton
Pegg Louisa Dau   7       Leics Great Easton
Pegg Bertha Dau   5       Leics Redmile
Pegg Dorothy Dau   2       Leics Redmile
Pegg Sarah Mother Wid 73       Leics Lockington
Arnold Ann sister M 41       Leics Hemmington
Arnold Frederick nephew   9       Staffs Smethwick
Lilley William Serv   15 ordinary Ag lab worker   Leics Knipton